It is the most critical question for your wp journey. How to Find a Suitable Theme for Your Project? Let me explain how we search for our theme and why we decide on the “KnowBase – A Helpdesk & bbPress WordPress Theme

How to Find a Suitable Theme for Your Project?
A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

First of all, our objective is to share our knowledge about WordPress. Like a helpdesk, maybe a support forum is a good idea. So our first stop is Theme Forest, and we search with three keywords: helpdesk WordPress bbPress, and KnowBase is the first theme in the results. That funny monsters are my favourite thing on that theme. Those belong to Saydung. We ask for his permission to use them on our project. Also, we need his support to draw more for us. 

Let us turn back to our search results on Theme Forest. We don’t overthink, look at its functions and ask the developer about removing Elementor. Dannci, the developer of the theme, responded quickly. The answer was a kind of yes:

Hello there,

You can use any other page builder plugin with the theme. But you have to know that the demo is created in the Elementor, so you won’t be able to import, e.g. home layout.

Thank you


The theme had only 30 sales on that day, but we believe in Dannci. The theme has the potential, is compatible with bbPress, is well documented, and offers what we need!

I must warn you here that unless you are a paid member of the clan or have no experience, stay away from themes with low sales. Also, those critters are essential:

When is it last updated? 

Is it a must to use with a page builder?

You should check the ratings and reviews to know more about the theme and the developer before you buy it.

And yet another day is over. We will install the theme tomorrow. What awaits us:

  1. Install the theme;
  2. Import the demo content;
  3. Check a speed test and note it;
  4. Delete, and update some of the contents or details;
  5. Get rid of page builders and unnecessary plugins!
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