Here we are again, and another big question is: How Should You Decide on the Hosting Company for Your WordPress Site?

The key to the answer is how much traffic will you expect? All you must know is that simple: The monthly visitors of your site.

Let us give some tips about choosing the right company and perfect plan for your site:

If I were you, I would determine the annual hosting money I could spend for my site. 

My budget is tight, and I think my site will be under 10K visits per month.

DreamHost WordPress Starter

A great place to start! WordPress hosting with an entry-level price for new sites.

SiteGround WP StartUp Plan

We require an annual purchase paid in advance for the special price to apply. Special fees are applicable for your first invoice.

I have enough budget for this job, I could spend more, and I think my site will be under 10K visits per month.

Start with this one. It has 5K monthly visits, but you will upgrade it easily:

FlyWheel Tiny

Ideal for small, simple installs

Or directly go with this one for able to add extra add-ons;

WPengine Managed WordPress

Grow your business with effortless site management, performance, security & support.

You will be safe with these companies I listed above until you get more than 100,000 monthly visitors. They will take care of your site, deal with extra traffic by overage fees, or offer to upgrade your plan to a bigger one. 

Whenever you need more hosting information, please look at our knowledge base or ask something on our forum. The WP Clan is on your side : )

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