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We’re a team that shares our expertise and time with you.

We offer varied hosting solutions anda manage your site’s detail, including security and updates. Choose from our Basic, Medium or Advance plans, or use our estimate calculator for personalised pricing.

We are a team that shares our expertise and time with you. Sometimes, it’s free; other times, there’s a charge. Our rates range from 90 to 119 euros per hour. Check out our WordPress (WP) Knowledge Base for helpful tips and case studies. If you’ve got a WP question or problem, join our forum – we’re here to help with any WP and WooCommerce questions.

Are you looking to use our services? We work with various hosting companies and offer hosting plans. With us, you won’t worry about website details like bandwidth or traffic; we handle it all, including moving your site to a host that fits your needs. By joining WP Clan, you get monitoring, management hosting, over 250 premium plugin licenses, and regular backups. We also manage site security for you.

We respond to support tickets quickly, usually within 24 hours, and run various website tests, providing you with frequent updates. We keep all WP Clan sites secure and updated, and we’re always ready to fix issues with your go-ahead. We have three main plans: Base, Mid, and Advance. If anything needs to be clarified, ask, and we’ll explain again.

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What is setup fee and why I am paying this?

No setup fee is required if your site and plugins are up to date. Otherwise, a one-time onboarding fee is charged, which will be communicated to you after our initial assessment.

What if I am using any learn management plugin or system?

Those systems’ minimum requirements are too high to run on shared servers, so we cannot cover the hosting or server fee with our packages. If you still want to work with us, we will add a monthly private hosting budget.

Is there a price list for custom works?

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